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Xilinx XC5VLX30-1FFG676C

Product Overview
FamilyVirtex 5
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Using the second generation ASMBL™ (Advanced Silicon Modular Block) column-based architecture, the Virtex-5 family contains five distinct platforms (sub-families), the most choice offered by any FPGA family. Each platform contains a different ratio of features to address the needs of a wide variety of advanced logic designs. In addition to the most advanced, high-performance logic fabric, Virtex-5 FPGAs contain many hard-IP system level blocks, including powerful 36-Kbit block RAM/FIFOs, second generation 25 x 18 DSP slices, SelectIO™ technology with built-in digitally-controlled impedance, ChipSync™ source-synchronous interface blocks, system monitor functionality, enhanced clock management tiles with integrated DCM (Digital Clock Managers) and phase-locked-loop (PLL) clock generators, and advanced configuration options. Additional platform dependant features include power-optimized high-speed serial transceiver blocks for enhanced serial connectivity, PCI Express® compliant integrated Endpoint blocks, tri-mode Ethernet MACs (Media Access Controllers), and high-performance PowerPC® 440 microprocessor embedded blocks. These features allow advanced logic designers to build the highest levels of performance and functionality into their FPGA-based systems. Built on a 65-nm state-of-the-art copper process technology, Virtex-5 FPGAs are a programmable alternative to custom ASIC technology. Most advanced system designs require the programmable strength of FPGAs. Virtex-5 FPGAs offer the best solution for addressing the needs of high-performance logic designers, high-performance DSP designers, and high-performance embedded systems designers with unprecedented logic, DSP, hard/soft microprocessor, and connectivity capabilities. The Virtex-5 LXT, SXT, TXT, and FXT platforms include advanced high-speed serial connectivity and link/transaction layer capability


  • Five platforms LX, LXT, SXT, TXT, and FXT
    • Virtex-5 LX: High-performance general logic applications
    • Virtex-5 LXT: High-performance logic with advanced serial connectivity
    • Virtex-5 SXT: High-performance signal processing applications with advanced serial connectivity
    • Virtex-5 TXT: High-performance systems with double density advanced serial connectivity
    • Virtex-5 FXT: High-performance embedded systems with advanced serial connectivity
  • Cross-platform compatibility
    • LXT, SXT, and FXT devices are footprint compatible in the same package using adjustable voltage regulators
  • Most advanced, high-performance, optimal-utilization, FPGA fabric
    • Real 6-input look-up table (LUT) technology
    • Dual 5-LUT option
    • Improved reduced-hop routing
    • 64-bit distributed RAM option
    • SRL32/Dual SRL16 option
  • Powerful clock management tile (CMT) clocking
    • Digital Clock Manager (DCM) blocks for zero delay buffering, frequency synthesis, and clock phase shifting
    • PLL blocks for input jitter filtering, zero delay buffering, frequency synthesis, and phase-matched clock division
  • 36-Kbit block RAM/FIFOs
    • True dual-port RAM blocks
    • Enhanced optional programmable FIFO logic
    • Programmable
      • True dual-port widths up to x36
      • Simple dual-port widths up to x72
    • Built-in optional error-correction circuitry
    • Optionally program each block as two independent 18-Kbit blocks
  • High-performance parallel SelectIO technology
    • 1.2 to 3.3V I/O Operation
    • Source-synchronous interfacing using ChipSyncâ„¢ technology
    • Digitally-controlled impedance (DCI) active termination
    • Flexible fine-grained I/O banking
    • High-speed memory interface support
  • Advanced DSP48E slices
    • 25 x 18, two’s complement, multiplication
    • Optional adder, subtracter, and accumulator
    • Optional pipelining
    • Optional bitwise logical functionality
    • Dedicated cascade connections
  • Flexible configuration options
    • SPI and Parallel FLASH interface
    • Multi-bitstream support with dedicated fallback reconfiguration logic
    • Auto bus width detection capability
  • System Monitoring capability on all devices
    • On-chip/Off-chip thermal monitoring
    • On-chip/Off-chip power supply monitoring
    • JTAG access to all monitored quantities
  • Integrated Endpoint blocks for PCI Express Designs
    • LXT, SXT, TXT, and FXT Platforms
    • Compliant with the PCI Express Base Specification 1.1
    • x1, x4, or x8 lane support per block
    • Works in conjunction with RocketIOâ„¢ transceivers
  • Tri-mode 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet MACs
    • LXT, SXT, TXT, and FXT Platforms
    • RocketIO transceivers can be used as PHY or connect to external PHY using many soft MII (Media Independent Interface) options
  • RocketIO GTP transceivers 100 Mb/s to 3.75 Gb/s
    • LXT and SXT Platforms
  • RocketIO GTX transceivers 150 Mb/s to 6.5 Gb/s
    • TXT and FXT Platforms
  • PowerPC 440 Microprocessors
    • FXT Platform only
    • RISC architecture
    • 7-stage pipeline
    • 32-Kbyte instruction and data caches included
    • Optimized processor interface structure (crossbar)
  • 65-nm copper CMOS process technology
  • 1.0V core voltage
  • High signal-integrity flip-chip packaging available in standard or Pb-free package options

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