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Xilinx XQR4062XL

Product Overview
Manufacturer Xilinx
Category FPGA


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  • Radiation-hardened FPGAs for space and satellite applications
  • Guaranteed total ionizing dose
  • Latch-up immune
  • Low soft upset rate
  • Guaranteed to meet full electrical specifications over –55°C to +125°C
  • Available in -3 speed
  • System featured FPGAs
    • SelectRAM™ memory: on-chip ultra-fast RAM with
      • synchronous write option
      • dual-port RAM option
    • Abundant flip-flops
    • Flexible function generators
    • Dedicated high-speed carry logic
    • Wide edge decoders on each edge
    • Hierarchy of interconnect lines
    • Internal 3-state bus capability
    • Eight global low-skew clock or signal distribution networks
  • System performance beyond 60 MHz
  • Flexible array architecture
  • Low power segmented routing architecture
  • Systems-oriented features
    • IEEE 1149.1-compatible boundary scan logic support
    • Individually programmable output slew rate
    • Programmable input pull-up or pull-down resistors
    • 12 mA sink current per output
  • Configured by loading binary file
    • Unlimited reprogrammability
  • Readback capability
    • Program verification
    • Internal node observability
  • Development system runs on most common computer platforms
    • Interfaces to popular design environments
    • Fully automatic mapping, placement and routing
    • Interactive design editor for design optimization
  • Highest capacity: over 130,000 usable gates
  • Buffered interconnect for maximum speed
  • New latch capability in configurable logic blocks
  • Improved VersaRing™ I/O interconnect for better fixed pinout flexibility
    • Virtually unlimited number of clock signals
  • Optional multiplexer or 2-input function generator on device outputs
  • 5V tolerant I/Os
  • Advanced 0.35µ process
  • Processed on Xilinx QML line