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Xilinx XCV405E

Product Overview
Manufacturer Xilinx
Category FPGA


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The Virtex™-E Extended Memory (Virtex-EM) family of FPGAs is an extension of the highly successful Virtex-E family architecture. The Virtex-EM family (devices shown in Table 1) includes all of the features of Virtex-E, plus additional block RAM, useful for applications such as network switches and high-performance video graphic systems.

Xilinx developed the Virtex-EM product family to enable customers to design systems requiring high memory bandwidth, such as 160 Gb/s network switches. Unlike traditional ASIC devices, this family also supports fast time-to-market delivery, because the development engineering is already completed. Just complete the design and program the device. There is no NRE, no silicon production cycles, and no additional delays for design re-work. In addition, designers can update the design over a network at any time, providing product upgrades or updates to customers even sooner.

The Virtex-EM family is the result of more than fifteen years of FPGA design experience. Xilinx has a history of supporting customer applications by providing the highest level of logic, RAM, and features available in the industry. The Virtex-EM family, first FPGAs to deploy copper interconnect, offers the performance and high memory bandwidth for advanced system integration without the initial investment, long development cycles, and inventory risk expected in traditional ASIC development.

Table 1: Virtex-E Extended Memory Field-Programmable Gate Array Family Members

DeviceLogic GatesCLB ArrayLogic CellsDifferential I/O PairsUser I/OBlockRAM BitsDistributed RAM Bits
XCV405E129,60040 x 6010,800183404573,440153,600
XCV812E254,01656 x 8421,1682015561,146,880301,056



  • Fast, Extended Block RAM, 1.8 V FPGA Family
    • 560 Kb and 1,120 Kb embedded block RAM
    • 130 MHz internal performance (four LUT levels)
    • PCI compliant 3.3 V, 32/64-bit, 33/66-MHz
  • Sophisticated SelectRAM+™ Memory Hierarchy
    • 294 Kb of internal configurable distributed RAM
    • Up to 1,120 Kb of synchronous internal block RAM
    • True Dual-Port block RAM
    • Memory bandwidth up to 2.24 Tb/s (equivalent bandwidth of over 100 RAMBUS channels)
    • Designed for high-performance Interfaces to external memories
      • 200 MHz ZBT* SRAMs
      • 200 Mb/s DDR SDRAMs
  • Highly Flexible SelectIO+™ Technology
    • Supports 20 high-performance interface standards
    • Up to 556 singled-ended I/Os or up to 201 differential I/O pairs for an aggregate bandwidth of >100 Gb/s
  • Complete Industry-Standard Differential Signalling Support
    • LVDS (622 Mb/s), BLVDS (Bus LVDS), LVPECL
    • Al I/O signals can be input, output, or bi-directional
    • LVPECL and LVDS clock inputs for 300+ MHz clocks
  • Proprietary High-Performance SelectLink™ Technology
    • 80 Gb/s chip-to-chip communication link
    • Support for Double Data Rate (DDR) interface
    • Web-based HDL generation methodology
  • Eight Fully Digital Delay-Locked Loops (DLLs)
  • IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan logic
  • Supported by Xilinx Foundation Series™ and Alliance Series™ Development Systems
    • Internet Team Design (Xilinx iTD™) tool ideal for million-plus gate density designs
    • Wide selection of PC or workstation platforms
  • SRAM-based In-System Configuration
    • Unlimited re-programmability
  • Advanced Packaging Options
    • 1.0 mm FG676 and FG900
    • 1.27 mm BG560
  • 0.18 μm 6-layer Metal Process with Copper Interconnect
  • 100% Factory Tested